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Price Match Guarantee guarantees that our prices are the lowest you'll find anywhere online. You'll know you're receiving the best deals available on thousands of quality products.

To satisfy the Best Price Guarantee credit:

  • 1. The product must be purchased from
  • 2. The product must be the exact same make, model, and color purchased at
  • 3. The merchant offering the lower price must have the product currently in stock
  • 4. The online merchant must be an established site, as determined by


  • Applies to total price of purchase--including shipping, taxes and other charges that may apply
  • Applies to claims made within 30 days from purchase date
  • Limited to only three claims in any 90-day period per customer
  • Limited to three identical items per customer
  • Limited to items with valid serial numbers
  • Does not apply to new merchandise versus factory-reconditioned comparisons
  • Does not apply to auction sites, seller must have an established online store
  • Does not apply to merchants offering special promotions such as free shipping, sale prices, rebate offers, coupon offers, quantity discounts or membership requirements for buyers and/or sellers
  • Subject to change without prior notice
  • Certain brands do not apply
  • We reserve the right to match a watch at our discretion