Tonneau Watch

Device invented to eliminate errors of rate in the vertical positions. It consists of a mobile carriage.

A watch mechanism where the entire escapement assembly rotates to counter the effects of gravity.

A technically demanding device to compensate for the interference of gravity on the balance and thus improve the watch's rate.

A complex system of micro-engineering which enables the escapement of a watch to rotate on its own axis; the purpose of which is to cancel out the variations caused by gravity

The "beating heart" of a mechanical watch is the oscillating escapement (balance wheel, hairspring and pallets) that literally divide time into beats that are passed through a series of gears to the hands

A tourbillon (English , French "whirlwind") is a type of mechanical clock or watch escapement invented in 1795 by Abraham-Louis Breguet

Tourbillon are shops owned by the Swatch Group. Mainly based in Switzerland, they sell high range manufactured watches and jewellery. They officially represent Breguet, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Glashütte Original, Leon Hatot, Omega and Swatch.

A rotating frame, containing the escapement of a clock or watch, that attempts to compensate for the effects of gravity 

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