Minute Repeater

A complication on a watch that can strike the time in hours, quarters, or seconds by means of a push button. 

A watch which can additionally "repeat" the time, at the push of a button or move of a small slide on the side of the case, by striking the hours, quarter hours and minutes since the last quarter hour on small gongs inside the watch. See also "Repeater."

Considered one of the most complicated mechanisms whereby hammers and gongs signal the hours, quarter hours and minutes acoustically. The most complicated of these minute repeaters have 3 gongs (carillon), most have 2.

A striking mechanism with hammers and gongs for acoustically signalling the hours, quarter hours, and minutes elapsed since noon or midnight.

The minute repeater is a complication found in a mechanical watch, in which the time is chimed to the nearest minute. 

A device, in a watch, in which the current time is announced by means of a combination of sounds that represent the hour, quarter hour, and minute; usually activated by a button 

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