Zenith Swiss watch making company

by Joseph Levy
Sunday, December 07, 2008

Zenith watch company the most successful watch manufacturer


As a visionary at twenty-two, Georges Favre-Jacot began the Zenith Swiss watch making company in 1865. Zenith was established in Le Locle, Switzerland by a man who was able to first conceive of a watch making manufacturer. Manus is Latin for ‘watch’ and from manus Georges Favre-Jacot coined the term manufacture. This was the first of many innovations that Georges Favre-Jacot brought to the watch making industry. As the watch industry went on to grow, so, too, did the Zenith company. At one point, Geogres Favre-Jacot began working on a complication that he considered to be very close to perfection. He went out into the night for a walk during the course of this production and felt that the cosmos spoke to him. In his work, Favre-Jacot saw the mimicry of the sky and the constellations hung upon it. Seeing the highest star in the sky, he decided to name his collection after the word for this term. The chosen word was Zenith.

Today, Zenith manufactures watches for both men and women. Some of their collections include the ChronoMaster, the Class, the Defy Classic and the Defy Extreme, as well as the Academy, the Class, the Port-Royal and the Defy. These collections are primarily for men. Some of the specialty collections designed just for women include their Baby Doll collection, the Queen of Love collection, the Star Rock collection and the Starissime collection.

By 1875, only ten short years after the establishment of the company, it grew considerably and enjoyed quick success. At this point, the company had more than one thousand employees. At the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva, Georges Favre-Jacot was awarded a gold award for the work Zenith was able to accomplish. Through the twentieth century, Zenith racked up a total of 1565 awards as well as more than 50 mythical movements. In 1920, the company had managed to create more than two million separate timepieces. At this time, they were also able to open branches in Geneva, Moscow, Paris, Vienna, London and New York. During the 1940’s, Zenith decided to go back to the basics when it came to their collections and their creations. Four decades later, during the 1980’s, the company was able to collect all of the necessary equipment to re-launch their El Primero movement, which was one of Zenith’s most famous and successful movements. In 1999, Zenith was acquired by LVMH, which is the Louis Vuitton Moet Henn. The LVMH Group wanted to take Zenith and turn it into the industry great that it was destined to become. During the coming years, the company would work to go back into its history in order to rediscover itself, and then in 2002 the company would reveal four new movements and fourteen new models at the Basal Fair. The four movements and fourteen models were representing fifty-two new variations. As the years grew on, so, too did the improvements and the creations of the Zenith watch company, which is still one of the most successful watch manufacturers in the industry.