Halloween Luxury Watches Deals

by Joseph Levy
Friday, August 01, 2008

Halloween Watches

Trick or Treat!

Who would actually choose a trick on Halloween? We wouldn’t! And we want to pass this gift of a ‘treat’ on to you. The Watchery is offering amazing sales on all our timepieces during this time of ghostly and ghouly celebration, but we also wanted to take the time to point out some of the most exciting and interesting Halloween-themed timepieces out there available for consumers. Novelty watches are always in style, not just during the time of year that they celebrate. An investment in a Halloween-themed timepiece can provide you with years of entertainment and accuracy when it comes to telling time and offering a festive touch to occasions.

The Corum Bubble collection has a number of exciting Halloween themed timepieces. For example, the face of the Corum Bubble Jolly Rogers timepiece features the distinctly pirate-themed Jolly Roger – the skull and crossbones found on the pirate flags of repute. And, especially lately, what would Halloween be without some pirates? If pirates don’t get you into the holiday spirit, why not check out their Corum Bubble Bats, Corum Privateer, Corum Gangster or Corum Bubble Skull watch models? All of these timepieces offer something particularly spooky, obviously useful during the Halloween season but also great wardrobe accent pieces all year long. Corum Bubble timepieces have been created for both men and women and have specific Corum watch models corresponding to each gender. This can make owning the perfect Halloween-themed timepiece even easier and more exciting. Whimsical is another watch company that provides consumers with a number of horror movie styled or Halloween-themed timepieces.

There are timepieces for kids, too, which focus on this supernatural time of year! One such timepiece series is the collection released by Fossil in 1994, based on the Disney™ “Lonesome Ghosts” classic cartoon from the 1930’s. On the watch face is a picture from the cartoon. One model offers of Mickey Mouse™, Donald Duck™ and Goofy™. They are being pitted against one of the ‘lonesome ghosts’, who rotates around them on the dial. Another model offers an image of Mickey Mouse™ confronting a ghost. Remember, quality timepieces are available for children during this exciting season as well!

Any timepiece could become a Halloween watch if worn in the spirit of the season. However, many people are wise enough to know that if they invest in a timepiece, they want it to be made out of quality material which will provide them with years of use and accuracy. Don’t throw your money away on a cheap and unreliable Halloween watch. Instead, check out some of the luxury Halloween timepieces we have to offer on The Watchery.com!