Ebel Watches The Ebel Beluga Collection

by Joseph Levy
Monday, September 15, 2008

Ebel Beluga a great collection by Ebel

For nearly a century, Ebel has been crafting some of the very finest Swiss watches. The company is unique in that it was cofounded by a husband and wife. They dreamed of making luxury watches grounded in both masculinity and femininity accordingly. Ebel’s Beluga Collection follows that feminine tradition that began long ago in 1911. The Beluga Collection sacrifices nothing to uphold the traditions that this fine watchmaker stands for.

The Beluga Collection is designed just for women. More specifically, it is for women who have a tendency to perceive their watches as not only timekeeping pieces, but also as jewelry. A watch can serve as more than a timekeeper, it can become a part of an overall fashion statement or personal image. Watches from the Beluga Collection glitter and shine. Feminine cofounder Alice Levy was a gem-lover and it is no strange coincidence that Beluga watches feature plenty of them. They deliver beautifully set gems against stylish faces, and a diverse spectrum of bracelets that are designed to be comfortable and eye-catching at the same time.

Beluga watches are beautiful and versatile. Imagine a unique watch face that is surrounded by a delicately crafted heart shape and inlaid with fine mother of pearl. Intricate diamond accents round out the overall look of the Ebel Beluga Heart watch. This is just one of many unique and stylish models in the collection. It would be a perfect accompaniment for a special occasion or a professional activity.

An innovative concept introduced by Ebel is the scaling down of the size of several watches in the Beluga Collection. The Beluga Mini watches are smaller in size, yet feature the same intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship as the full-sized versions. In fact, some Beluga Minis leave room for as many as 46 diamonds to be set around the watch case. The tiny watches are delicate yet tantalizing at the same time and are just as capable in the area of performance.

An innovative concept introduced by Ebel is the scaling down of the size of several watches in the Beluga Collection.

The Beluga Collection watches feature a wide selection of vibrant colors in their mother of pearl faces. Subtle colors like traditional white, smooth rose and baby blue are complimented by bolder statements made by green and royal blue mother of pearl. There are also models that make even bolder statements with stainless steel faces of bright fuchsia and several different blues. Some of the faces feature Roman numeral numbering which is charming and nostalgic, or boldly stated diamond accents at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

Each and every watch from the Ebel Beluga Collection is the result of Swiss craftsmanship. The Ebel name and those who stand behind it are known as ‘architects of time’ and the innovative designs found in the Beluga Collection are no exception. An architect carefully designs and plans each and every facet of their creation. The artistry, innovation and attention to detail that goes into each and every timepiece in the Beluga Collection is a part of the longstanding Ebel tradition – they are true architects of time.